Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 134 Grape Vine No Longer Devine

"What is this?" you might ask. Well, this is what remains of our beautiful 20 year old 35 foot grape vine. We came home to find that our neighbors cut the vine off our fence. They were nice enough to leave us the stump. Just for comparison, this is what the same vine looked like just two short summers ago.

It spanned nearly the entire fence at the back of our property. Not only was it beautiful, but gave us some privacy from the neighbors behind us. The vine also produced an edible, abundant crop of grapes.

The neighbors didn't like the vine so they continually whacked the back side of it until it finally died, but the vine itself was still beautiful as you can see from this photo which I originally posted on this blog at day 57.

I still can not believe they would do something like this! This is the before and after of our grape vine.


  1. I am STUNNED! So sad. And sorry.
    It was amazingly beautiful.
    What's wrong with people these days?

  2. That is TERRIBLE!! I can't believe they did that without talking with you first!! :O( This just makes me sad!

  3. What a HORRIBLE thing to do!!!!!! So sorry that this happened!!! This makes me so mad!!!!!!


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