Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 18 Sad looking flowers

Yes, it's spring, but you can't tell.  Our flowers are looking rather pathetic after the bit of snow we received over the weekend.  Just wait until the snow hits tomorrow :(  I thought I would try my hand again with a texture overlay.  Very rare for me, but I do like the way this one turned out.


ETA:  If you are a member of Love That Shot please vote for this as your favorite spring fever photo.  You can get to their site by clicking the button above, then click on LINK UP at the menu on the top of the page.  I am #24 :)  Thanks!


  1. One of the best good looking sad flower. Great!

  2. This is beautiful! You can't even tell there is a texture on it...I love it!! Looks great!!

  3. I love the way you set up this shot and the processing you chose. What a gorgeous photo!

  4. it does look sad..but it's a beautiful shot nonetheless

  5. Spring is having a difficult time with her arrival this year. I'm afraid we're just going to jump right into summer.

  6. Thanks everyone! Voting was delayed, but it's working now. You can get to it, by clicking on the button above, then clicking on LINK UP in their menu bar :)


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