Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 10 Focus Issues

I have been noticing some focus issues lately in my pictures so I decided to test it out.  This was a photo that I took of my son.  I had focused on the inner corner of the eye on the left, but it looks light the eye on the right is actually the one in focus.  (Notice the eyelashes on the left are blurry, but tack sharp on the right side.)  This is pretty consistent across the board.  Not sure why it is focusing to one side.  I am going to play around more with it and I am probably due to adjust my diopter as well.  The focus is off when I use my 70-200 as well.

My settings taken with my 50 1.4
SS 1/100
ISO 800
F 3.2

I could have lowered my ISO a bit, but I wasn't shooting wide open so I am not sure why the focal plane was so narrow?  What do you think?



  1. Sorry to hear about your computer crashing and burning! Stupid machines!! Your son has awesome eyes!! Hope you can figure out what is going on with the focus of your camera!!

  2. The focal plane is so narrow because you are really close to him. The closer you get to your subject, the narrower the DOF. And his eyes aren't on the same focal plane since his head is turned a tad. I would have actually up'ed the ISO a little to get the SS a bit faster. Try shooting at a SS of no less than 1/250 for a few days and see what happens. I did that last year and it makes a huge difference. Even the tiniest movement can affect focus. Get back with me and I can help where I can. I had issues last year that ended up being my camera, so I can help you trouble shoot. I know how frustrating it can be! And ditto Courtney! He does have pretty eyes!

  3. I was a little farther away than it appears in this photo because I cropped in tight in PP. I am going to do some more test shooting with a higher SS to see if that helps. I can say that almost every photo I look at my son's baseball game focused to the right of where I had my point (center one only). Hopefully it's nothing too serious, but I am due for a cleaning so I will probably have to just send it in...if I can be apart for that long! Thanks ladies!


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