Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 16 Freestyle

Folkstyle is the traditional type of wrestling that the high school kids compete at.  I have been around this style of wrestling since I was in high school...many, many years ago :)  After the traditional high school season is over, some of the kids wrestle Greco Roman or Freestyle wrestling.  Completely different rules and objectives for these styles.  Before he started his high school coaching career, Brian used to run a freestyle/greco program in his home town.  I would go with to cheer on his kids, even though I was completely lost when it came to the scoring.  Well, it's been at least 5-6 years since I've been to a tourney so I decided to tag along with Brian to cheer on some of the kids that wrestle for his high school program.  It's fun to see them wrestle a completely different style and it's great seeing them keep up with some sort of wrestling in the off season.

This is Timmy (in the red singlet.)  He's been stricken with injury and illness the past couple of high school seasons, but he has committed to getting on the mat in the off season and it is paying off.  He has been dominating his competition in greco and freestyle, winning several tourneys already!


This is Nick (facing the camera.)  Nick committed to putting in a ton of off season wrestling last year so when he came into the high school season this year he was clearly our most improved and best wrestler on the team.  I love the dedication you see in these kids.  Nick not only wrestles, but he also plays baseball right now too!


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