Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 38 Joy of love 07: Generations

Today's theme was generations.  I couldn't quite accomplish that today so I pulled a photo from last year.  This is from my beautiful great grandma's 100th birthday party last March.  She'll be 101 in a month!  I love the theme for today because it stresses the importance of capturing photos of your family and those photos capture memories forever :)  When my great grandma is long gone we'll still have the photos of our time with her.  This would be three of the five generations.  My mom and grandma aren't in this photo, but they are still around.  This is my son's only great great grandma that is still alive.  It's nice that he is old enough to remember her. 


  1. How absolutely wonderful. I love it! What a great memory and milestone for her!!

  2. This picture will be treasured forever.

  3. How exciting to celebrate 101 years! That's so awesome!

  4. You'd never guess it to look at her! Looks like she's still got it all together too.

  5. WOW she has seen a lot happen in this world!


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