Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 12 I've got my eye on you

I thought I would go for something completely different today. Yes, this is my eye. It look me awhile to get it in focus without looking through the!


  1. Who is reflected in your eye? Were you using a mirror? Beautiful eyes, by the way!

  2. Thanks :) That's me. It was getting late and I needed a picture. You would totally laugh...I had my hair up, mask on my face (hence the ghost face) and was in my bathrobe! Gotta do whatcha gotta do :) I was looking in the mirror, holding my camera under my chin. You can see the vanity lights in the top of my eyes and the sink in the bottom of them.

  3. Way to go for focusing without looking through the lens! I like the creativity!! ;)

  4. Great focus! Love the reflection :)

  5. And I can see you in your pupil! Good thing you had your bath robe on!!! lol

  6. Very creative. I like the reflection of you through your eye!

  7. This is quite the trick. Amazing actually.


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