Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 34 Phone Woes

My Samsung Instinct and I are not friends this week. First it decided to stop running aps so I took it to the Sprint store where they kindly wiped everything from my phone and I lost all of my downloads, settings and extras. Then it decided to reject the whole concept of voicemail. Back to Sprint I went. They told me to call Sprint online and it would be restored. Guess again. After a long hour on the phone with them they sent me back to the store to have my phone replaced. My phone certainly did not like that idea because the next day it took a nose dive into the toilet. After 5 trips to the Sprint store and a couple of hours of my life wasted speaking to customer service and technical support I finally received a working phone today. I would gladly trade it all in for a lovely iPhone...just have to wait 9 1/2 months for my contract to expire, but who's counting....

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